Digital Cardiac Rehab program making a difference to Mater patients up North

23rd January, 2023

Mater and Cardihab are improving access to Cardiac Rehabilitation programs in North Queensland.

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Merry Christmas and thank you for your support

20th December, 2022

A message from Cardihab CEO Helen Souris highlighting Cardihab’s key achievements this year, and thanking our valued partners and supporters.

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Cardihab powered PERCEIVE study into the effects of long COVID gains national attention

11th December, 2022

PERCEIVE study into long COVID looks to recruit new participants to further understand the value of exercise rehabilitation treatment.

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Cardihab enables home-based, digital cardiac rehab for remote North Queensland patients

6th December, 2022

Remote-based North Queensland patients now have the option to complete cardiac rehabilitation from home thanks to Cardihab.

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Local investment gaps and the need for dedicated funding for digital startups

16th November, 2022

Cardihab CEO Helen Souris chats to the Australian Financial Review about a gap in dedicated investment funding for digital technology startups and the impact.

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TTRA funding boost helps Cardihab improve lives of Australians with heart failure

21st October, 2022

Australians with heart failure are set to benefit from innovative technology designed to help them take charge of their condition and reduce their risk of hospitalisation.

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What is the secret sauce to improving Cardiac Rehabilitation participation and outcomes?

6th October, 2022

A podcast highlighting how collaboration to provide more options to patients could improve Cardiac Rehabilitation participation and outcomes.

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A partnership making a difference to the lives of those with Atrial Fibrillation

29th September, 2022

Cardihab and the Atrial Fibrillation Institute and Queensland Cardiovascular Group partner to developed better solutions for those with AF.

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LiSTNR podcast series ‘Beyond the Medicine Cabinet’ talks Cardiac Rehabilitation

3rd August, 2022

LiSTNR podcast series ‘Beyond the Medicine Cabinet’ talks Cardiac Rehabilitation and the role of digital technology in easing the bottleneck.

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It’s time to liberate the system with technology

20th June, 2022

We now have access to sophisticated, quality, Digital Cardiovascular Rehabilitation (DCR) and support technology that would undoubtedly streamline traditional, labour-intensive processes and significantly improve outcomes, but uptake remains slow. Why?

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Australasian CXO Healthcare Cloud Summit

17th June, 2022

We recently attended the Cloud Healthcare Summit which focused on prioritising resources and financial support towards digital platforms and cloud based technology.

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Men’s Health Week – An important reminder of the impact of CVD on Australian men

14th June, 2022

CVD has a huge impact on the Australian male population, with up to 6.5% affected. Proactively modifying risk factors can help, and participating in Cardiac Rehabilitation post event can make a difference for those currently living with CVD.

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