Medibank’s Heart Health at Home Program Results Reported in Herald Sun today

Medibank’s Heart Health at Home Program Results Reported in Herald Sun today

We are excited to share that today the Herald Sun has reported on the Baker Institute’s independent evaluation of the Medibank Heart Health at Home program, which is of course, powered by Cardihab.

The article “Ringing up the Rehab” which appears on page 3, highlights some of the outstanding results of this program:

  • The study of 160 participants found their risk of hospital readmission for a heart-related issue during the 60 days post-op was reduced by 53 per cent, compared to those who didn’t undergo rehabilitation.
  • Nine-in-10 participants completed the program.
  • Patient’s diet and blood pressure improved, and exercise time more than doubled to 300 minutes a week.
  • The number of patients reporting anxiety or depression dropped from 27 per cent before the program to 18 per cent.
  • Equal representation of rural participants, reducing inequity.

Heart Health at Home participant, Briony Mattheeusen, is featured as a case study in the article. At only 39 years of age, Briony has undergone three heart surgeries in 5 years and describes herself as “gobsmacked” by the program’s success and the improvement in her recovery compared to her first two surgeries, when she didn’t undergo rehabilitation.

Briony is quoted as saying:

“After my second surgery I was demoralised, depressed, my mindset was shot. (The program) was a complete godsend, it was a breath of fresh air.”

“Here I am now, no medication, no doctor, no readmission,”

“I feel like I’ve got a new life again.”

Making a difference to the lives of patients such as Briony, as well as the outstanding results demonstrated by the Heart Health at Home program, are testament of the impact that Cardihab can make for cardiac patients.

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