Cardihab’s “game changing” increase in patient participation is discussed on Dr Ross Walker’s 2GB radio show

It was great for Cardihab to appear on Dr Ross Walker's Healthy Living 2GB radio show. As a cardiologist, Dr Walker has always said cardiac rehabilitation is a vital part of a patient’s recovery from cardiac events and recognises that participation rates are a key challenge to improving outcomes.

The focus of the segment was for Cardihab CEO Helen Souris to discuss the results of the recently published study in JMIR that demonstrated substantial increases in participation from 21% to 63% when our Cardihab platform was offered to participants that declined traditional cardiac rehab programs.

As Dr Walker described cardiac rehabilitation is a comprehensive supervised program of regular physical exercise, education, and medicine management supported by clinicians and Cardihab can enable patients to receive this comprehensive program in the convenience of their home.

You can listen to the full show podcast via this link: Healthy Living Full Show Podcast (Cardihab segment starts at 13:35min)

Read the full JMIR Cardio publication: The Impact of a Mobile App on Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Understanding Barriers to Success: Comparative Cohort Study

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