Cardihab joined Ultra106five to help them highlight the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation for people living in Tasmania

Cardihab CEO Helen Souris joined radio presenter David Wood from Ultra106five to discuss the challenges associated with attending traditional cardiac rehabilitation and how Cardihab's digital platform is supporting clinicians to deliver the important continuity of care to patients, particularly through COVID disruptions.

For patients, travel and time constraints were noted as key barriers to participation in traditional cardiac rehabilitation, and currently participation rates are low with only 20% of eligible patients accessing programs. This means that 8 in 10 people are missing out on life changing and necessary care that could prevent a subsequent cardiac event, and even save lives.

With this in mind, Helen discussed results of a study recently published in JMIR that demonstrated a substantial increase in participation from 21% to 63% when our Cardihab platform was offered to patients that declined traditional cardiac rehab programs.

Tasmanians state-wide have a unique opportunity in that all hospitals within the Tasmanian Health Service have Cardihab as part of an initiative to increase access and participation in cardiac rehabilitation. Offering patients a choice of a digital program is a significant step towards improving participation rates and the associated benefits and outcomes.

You can listen to the full segment via this link:

Read the full JMIR Cardio publication: The Impact of a Mobile App on Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Understanding Barriers to Success: Comparative Cohort Study

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