Cardihab joins Mater and Advance Queensland Innovation Partnership

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Cardihab joins Mater and Advance Queensland's Innovation Partnership event, highlighting its focus to connect and support innovative new technologies in healthcare.

Cardihab were invited to be part of the Advance Queensland and Mater Innovation Partnership Event this week.  As part of Mater's focus to become a leader in health and innovation, and to deliver new services that positively impact the health of its communities, Mater Private Hospital Townsville now provides Cardihab to its regional and remote based patients to help facilitate improved access to Cardiac Rehabilitation, and to help more patients recover from their cardiac events.

Regional and remote based patients often face huge obstacles in getting to a traditional cardiac rehabilitation centre which can be hours away from their home. Cardihab helps overcome these obstacles by making virtual programs of cardiac rehabilitation available anywhere, at any time.

The Mater and Advance Queensland initiative to connect and support innovative healthcare technologies, means that digital platforms such Cardihab have a strong commitment that our evidence based, high-quality, clinician-supported cardiac rehabilitation solution can be deployed as needed to those who might otherwise go without.

We look forward to our future collaborations with Mater and its partners, and making cardiac rehabilitation more accessible to the community of Townsville

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