Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation

Providing care to patients at a time and place that works for them.


Cardihab® gives patients flexibility to complete supervised cardiac rehabilitation using a smartphone app which connects with a secure clinician portal. Our Clinician led digital program supports three models of care for more flexible, convenient and engaging cardiac rehabilitation.


Face-to-face in clinic

Patients attend a traditional clinic-based cardiac rehabilitation program and use the app to record progress, monitor symptoms, view educational materials and receive motivational messages. The data entered by the patient is available to clinicians within the secure portal for reporting. However all gym and group sessions are face-to-face in clinic.



Patients complete their program from home or another location that suits their lifestyle and only need to attend the clinic twice for the initial and follow up assessments. The counseling that is at the heart of a cardiac rehabilitation program is delivered over the  telephone by clinicians who are able to track patient progress using the secure Clinician Portal.


Combines in-clinic & at home

Patients attend traditional clinic-based cardiac rehabilitation as planned, but by incorporating Cardihab have the flexibility to switch to remote cardiac rehabilitation should they not be able to attend some in-clinic sessions.

The flexibility offered by Cardihab® can overcome barriers to participation by allowing patients to more easily fit their cardiac rehabilitation into their daily lives.

App and/or phone-based program reduces the need for facility visits.

24/7 availability removes the stress of scheduling around work or family commitments.

Can be done anywhere, anytime reducing the stress and expense of transport or parking

Freedom to complete the program as an individual, unconstrained by group scheduling & dynamics.