Australasian CXO Healthcare Cloud Summit

Cloud Summit 3

We recently attended the Cloud Healthcare Summit which had a lens on the value and need for the health industry and its governing bodies to prioritise resources, focus and financial support towards digital platforms and cloud based technology.

The Summit was an opportunity for thought leaders from across digital technology and healthcare sectors to come together to discuss the recent successes of acceleration into digital innovation, along with the challenges and obstacles that the industry continues to face despite demands for change.

Alongside representatives from all areas of primary and secondary healthcare and supporting industries, we were pleased to be part of robust discussions supporting the need for further development and systemic reform around expanding digital healthcare.

Cardihab CEO Helen Souris was invited to speak about how the application of a cloud based, digital platform such as Cardihab is changing the game of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

We now have real world evidence to support the initial trials that show Cardihab’s digital cardiac rehabilitation solution can match or exceed outcomes of traditional face-to-face cardiac rehab.  This is an important outcome for patients that want and need more options, particularly those facing barriers to participation such as time or location. Digital platforms provide options that improve participation and adherence which are vital to improved outcomes.

However, there are many more funding, resourcing and industry based challenges that digital platforms face which need to be addressed in order to deliver the improved, secure, agile and available anywhere, anytime care that the community demands and the industry needs.

Cardihab CEO Helen Souris presents: 'If we keep doing what we've always done we'll keep getting the same results'






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