Cardihab for Clinicians

Technology-enabled cardiac rehabilitation

Clinicians use a secure cloud based portal to support traditional in-clinic programs, and/or to facilitate remote cardiac rehabilitation using telephone support rather than clinic visits. As program content can be delivered via smartphone app, patients need to only attend the clinic for their initial baseline assessment and final stage discharge assessment, instead of multiple times a week for the duration of the program.

Increasing access and participation

There is a significant proportion of eligible patients (~80%) that currently do not participate in cardiac rehabilitation and are subsequently at significantly higher risk of recurrent cardiac events.

By delivering program content to patients via a smartphone app, Cardihab helps patients and clinics to overcome many of the current barriers to participation. Patients can more easily fit their rehab in with their lifestyle. They don’t need to travel to a clinic or fit in with a group. This is particularly important to people living in regional and remote areas, or shift workers.

Digital cardiac rehabilitation platforms allow clinics to increase their capacity as more patients can complete the program in their own time/location rather than having to book and coordinate as a group



Improving outcomes

Cardihab’s digital platform has been scientifically validated to match or exceed outcomes of traditional cardiac rehab. Most importantly, offering digital cardiac rehabilitation, even to people who have initially declined face-to-face cardiac rehabilitation, has been shown to improve participation and completion vs traditional models of care.

Published randomised controlled trial results have shown improvements in uptake (80% vs 62%) completion (80% vs 47%) and adherence (94% vs 68%) compared with traditional cardiac rehabilitation. Results also showed a reduction in anxiety scores and psychological distress when using digital cardiac rehab as well as slight but significant improvements in weight and weight control. HRQol improved significantly using digital cardiac rehabilitation.

The research providing the evidence base for Cardihab's product and was published in the prestigious journal Heart. The paper was also acknowledged by Heart and Nature Reviews Cardiology as a world-first randomised controlled trial of smartphone-based cardiac rehabilitation.

Managing and monitoring progress

The Cardihab smartphone app gives patients an effective method of capturing data such as blood pressure readings. Patients can also capture notes around symptoms or health measures that give a more accurate picture of what occurred.

With Cardihab you can be sure that all participants are accessing the same, high quality content, delivered consistently. Cardihab removes the variation in content quality that can occur with delivery by different team members who may have different levels of experience. It also enables patients to revisit education content at any point in time, and to discuss the information with family/friends that may be involved in their care.


Acting on evidence

Data captured as part of the program includes medication adherence, task completion, stress, blood pressure and heart rate, steps, goals, and other Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMS).

Authorised clinicians can check patient progress via dashboards to monitor adherence and identify potential issues, enabling timely intervention to keep patients on track.

Data capture and tracking also provides real world evidence to demonstrate program performance and track critical KPIs such as readmissions, completion rates and patient satisfaction scores.

Secure Clinician Portal

The secure Clinician Portal is a one-stop-shop for tracking and monitoring how patients progress through your cardiac rehab program.

Once the patient is enrolled in the system all authorised care team members can access that patient’s program in the portal via intuitive patient dashboards.

Cardihab meets stringent data privacy protection requirements and hosts all data in Australia.

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