Why no support for Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Cardihab does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). We've made this decision based on the following reasoning:

  • IE is "end of life"
    • Microsoft currently recommends Edge and classifies IE as “end of life” (see this page). In fact, Microsoft is moving Edge to use the Chromium open source project (the technology behind the Google Chrome browser) in the development of future versions of Edge, with a preview version of expected in early 2019 (see this blog post).
    • Internet Explorer is retained in Microsoft Windows releases purely as a compatibility feature for legacy applications that were built for IE. It is best practice for modern applications to target modern browsers. In 2019, IE should only be used to access legacy applications.
  • Technical issues with IE
    • For the technically minded, the specific features that are either not supported or not compliant in IE that our web portal requires are:

      • Media Queries
      • Flexbox
      • SVG
      • ES6
      • TLS1.2
      • Service Workers
      • Content Security Policy
      • IndexedDB
      • Custom Elements V1
  • Commercial Viability
    • Making our applications work on browsers that are at end of life and/or do not provide these features is not commercially viable and would be detrimental to customers who happily use more modern, feature rich and secure browsers.