Melton Moorabool Star Weekly News article

The recent article published in the Moorabool Star Weekly shared another encouraging example of how Cardihab in collaboration with Medibank is helping support patients recover from cardiac events while adhering to social distancing measures required during the COVID-19 pandemic. While as a community we have demonstrated our ability to respond responsibly and well to the containment measures imposed for COVID-19, it is clear that we have a road yet to travel before we are able to resume our usually way of life. The importance of embracing evidence based digital health solutions like Cardihab was captured so eloquently by Kevin McCarthy in his explanation of what the Cardihab/Medibank Heart Health At Home experience meant for him.

“Doing appointments with nurses over the phone was obviously a much better way of doing it, being able to keep social distancing while also letting the nurses track my progress was important for my recovery."

It is this patient experience that is echoed by many of our customers that inspires us to expand the use of Cardihab across Australia. Ensuring access to quality care and continuity of care during the pandemic and beyond is our focus and we look forward to hearing many more success stories.

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