Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) programs can improve participation rates

One of the key benefits of the CardihabTM program of Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation (DCR) is the ability to improve participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) compared to traditional models of care. This was demonstrated in the Varnfield Randomised Control Trial that showed DCR significantly improved uptake, completion and adherence to DCR programs when compared to traditional models of care.

In a subsequent study led by cardiologist Dr John Rivers from the Queensland Cardiovascular Group, it was demonstrated that these significant improvements in participation are repeatable in the real world context. The study evaluated the impact on CR participation that was associated with the introduction of a smartphone enabled app (CardihabTM) for patients declining conventional CR. Information on barriers to CR participation were also collected.

The results of this study were shared in late October at the Virtual Canadian Cardiovascular Conference. The study showed that patients who initially declined traditional CR were able to be re-engaged and initiated into CR programs when offered Cardihab. Offering Cardihab to patients that declined traditional models of care significantly increased participation from 21% to 63%.

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