Cardihab partners with Australian Centre for Heart Health

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Cardihab is pleased to announce its partnership with the Australian Centre for Heart Health with the goal of supporting the mental health needs of patients who have experienced a cardiac event. The partnership will enable the Centre’s extensive library of clinical resources to be made available to those participating in Cardihab’s virtual cardiac rehabilitation programs.

The Australia Centre for Heart Health is an organisation dedicated to supporting people who have had a cardiac event in their psychological, social and behavioural recovery.

The Centre’s range of evidence-based resources have been developed from its own world-leading research, as well as that of other experts in cardiac-related behavioural and psychological support.

Each year, around 54,000 Australians have a heart attack and up to 75% of survivors experience the ‘cardiac blues’ during recovery, a phenomenon which is characterised by a range of distressing and often debilitating emotional, behavioural and cognitive changes. Typical emotions include anxiety, fear and worry; anger, irritation and frustration; distress, sadness and depression; guilt and denial¹.

Resources developed by the Australian Centre for Heart Health address conditions such as the cardiac blues, as well as other common mental health issues faced by patients, helping to build awareness and provide strategies to develop resilience to overcome these issues.

Cardihab CEO Helen Souris says the partnership was integral to Cardihab’s ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional patient care plans and support.

“The psychosocial impact of a cardiac event is significant but can often be underestimated.   Emotional recovery is as important as physical recovery in ensuring people can effectively return to their lives, and we know the Australian Centre for Heart Health resources will go a long way in helping clinicians and patients to understand and navigate this aspect of the recovery journey”.

Australia Centre for Heart Health Director Prof. Alun Jackson is pleased to be extending their clinical content and expertise to more patients through this partnership.

“It’s a great collaboration to help ensure cardiac patients are receiving high-quality, evidence-based care in terms of mental health resources and support.  We’re pleased to be able to extend our programs through Cardihab’s digital therapeutic platform, to ensure we maximise reach and patient outcomes.”

Learn more about the Australian Centre for Heart Health here or contact us to learn more about this collaboration.

1. The ‘cardiac blues’: A guide for health professionals, The Australian Centre for Heart Health; The Red Flags Project

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