Cardihab and Albury Wodonga Health collaborate to improve accessibility in cross border region

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Cardihab and Albury Wodonga Health recently launched a partnership to ensure ongoing access to quality rehabilitation services are made available for those living with chronic diseases in regional New South Wales and Victoria. 

Albury Wodonga Health is a cross-border health service providing a comprehensive and growing range of health services throughout the region.  Like many communities in regional Australia, issues such as transport and distance create significant barriers to essential services for many Albury Wodonga patients. 

After successfully integrating the Cardihab digital cardiac rehabilitation program into their outpatient offering for cardiac patients, the Albury Wodonga Health team are excited to now extend the program to their Health Coordination Team (HCT). The HCT coordinates much-needed services for those suffering from a range of long-term chronic illnesses including complex respiratory conditions, diabetes, and heart failure.   Access to a digital program will mean many in the region who may have previously missed out due to lack of access, and who are at a high risk of another hospital admission, will receive the care that they need. 

Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is traditionally an exercise, education and support program designed to help guide patients through their recovery after an event or procedure.  CR is proven to improve health outcomes and reduce the chance of a hospital readmission within 12 months after a cardiac event by up to 56%.  Despite this, up to 80% of eligible patients do not participate in cardiac rehabilitation after they have had an event, with common barriers such as transport, distance and flexibility contributing to poor participation and completion rates.   

The Cardihab digital platform provides a high-quality, guideline-aligned and convenient cardiac rehabilitation program designed to overcome many of the common barriers to participation, enabling equitable access to essential healthcare post-cardiac event, regardless of a patient’s location.   

Cardihab patient app—SmartCR, provides patients with a personalised care program that addresses their risk factors. The app allows patients to record data such as health measures (eg blood glucose, weight, blood pressure) exercise sessions, symptoms, receive medication reminders, access education modules, and connect with their clinician via telehealth consults.  The app connects to a secure clinician portal allowing the care teams involved to review—in real-time—their patient’s health data and progress. 

Cardihab CEO Helen Souris says, “we are delighted that Albury Wodonga Health, a significant healthcare provider servicing a large regional area, are using the Cardihab solution to support their communities

While the health industry has been aware for some time of the potential for digital solutions to make improvements to outcomesparticularly in regional areas where there is significant health inequityit takes vision, effort, time, and the dedication of people passionate about making a difference to make change happen.  We are thrilled to be collaborating with the Albury Wodonga Health team, as we work together to enhance healthcare outcomes throughout the region. 

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