A year of change, letter from the CEO

Digitising Cardiac Care: A year of change – more for the better

Our inspiration and motivation comes from the people whose lives we help change.

We all hoped we would be rejoicing a farewell to the pandemic and its associated hardships, in our end of year reflections. It has been a challenging year. But knowing our solution is enabling vulnerable people to stay connected to quality health care, despite the disruptions, is a good feeling. Our inspiration and motivation comes from the people whose lives we are changing.

Letter from the CEO

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


The context in which Reinhold Niebuhr delivered his famous, soulful Serenity Prayer more than 70 years ago, is different to the one I write now. But it speaks to me very clearly as the CEO of an innovative technology start-up in the healthcare industry, as if it were written only yesterday.


"Improving access to quality care is something we can change."


Access to care, from the perspective of innovation, has two distinct parts:

Treatment and prevention through digital health

Firstly, treatment to improve and/or save the lives of existing cardiac patients. And secondly, proactively improving the quality of life of people, to prevent the likelihood of them becoming patients in the future.

Enabling change through digital health

The motivation for digital health innovation is not about technology itself. It is about people.

In striving to deliver meaningful improvements for patients, there are important considerations surrounding the practices which underpin the delivery methodology and the burdens faced by healthcare practitioners who deliver care.

Technology has made incredible differences to how people live and procure goods and services. It is now dramatically improving the way healthcare is delivered and received.

Patients today are better informed and engaged with their own health and the technology options available. The digitisation of healthcare has also led to higher expectations.

Telehealth consultations are now commonplace and recent announcements regarding permanent Medicare Benefits Schedule funding have secured its future in Australia.

However, there is much more that needs to be done to support the adoption of validated digital health solutions and to ensure products such as Cardihab reach their full potential in delivering improvements in chronic disease management and post event cardiac care.

Digital health implementation requires courage and persistence

We know that technology in healthcare is a positive thing. Healthcare professionals and system administrators know it as well.

We also know that healthcare professionals take continuous improvement seriously. They approach change cautiously and invest time in professional development.


"It takes time to upskill, to change habits, to learn new technology, new delivery methodology."


And one thing no healthcare professional can claim to have in surfeit, especially during the pandemic, is time.

Helping healthcare professionals embrace digital health change

A key priority for any digital health company, is identifying ways to better support change so that innovation can be more efficiently and more seamlessly integrated into the delivery of care.

While there is no one all-encompassing answer to this conundrum, two of our key drivers for change are demonstrating the impact on patients in treatment and prevention and the improvements in clinical workflows for healthcare professionals. Most importantly we recognise the importance of collaboration and partnerships to achieve real change. 

Celebrating the change we are making

The burdens of the pandemic have been lightened thanks to the positive experiences of our customers and their patients, who have championed change in the way they deliver and receive care.

Their stories about how they felt supported and motivated through the use of our technology while the world around them was thrown into chaos, was inspirational. It gave us courage to explore even greater goals.

Our wisdom this year has grown, as has our resolve to support and collaborate with the pioneers of change in the health system who are embracing digital health.

We will observe the things we cannot change with patience, celebrate the things we can, and implement positive change with relish.

On behalf of our team at Cardihab, we wish everyone a restful and rejuvenating festive season, and a bright and fresh new year filled with opportunity, happiness and wisdom.

All the best, Helen

CEO, Cardihab

AndHealth+ Accelerator cohort

Cardihab selected as part of the $20M ANDHealth+ Digital Health Accelerator cohort

Australia’s only not-for-profit digital health commercialisation organisation, ANDHealth today announced that Cardihab has been selected to take part in its Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funded ANDHealth+ program.

The five companies selected in the first ANDHealth+ cohort will share in a pool of $3.75M of project funding via the ANDHealth Digital Health Accelerator Fund and over $500k of pre-screened expert professional services.

Based on the past performance of companies that participated in the smaller ANDHealth+ Pilot Program, ANDHealth+ cohorts in the next four years can expect to create 1000 jobs, impact over 500,000 patients, undertake 175 clinical trials, raise over $130M in new financing and generate $80M in new revenues over the next eight years.

Over 120 companies expressed interest in the program, with 58 completing the comprehensive application process. The five companies selected were assessed through a rigorous process by a multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary panel of industry leaders and approved by ANDHealth’s recently announced International Investment Advisory Committee.

Digital health startup Cardihab is changing clinical care for people with cardiac disease

Australian digital health startup Cardihab is changing the lives of thousands of people with cardiac disease – the world’s biggest killer. Cardihab’s patient-centred virtual care platform provides a new solution to chronic disease management and is engaging more patients in life changing cardiac rehabilitation. Cardihab CEO Helen Souris tells us how clinicians are stepping up to patient demands for digital health.