Elderly couple walking in the Blue Mountains

Keeping on track with a heart health app

Helping patients stay motivated and engaged in their recovery programs is important in the early stages post-acute cardiac event or procedure, but also in the longer term. Completing the Cardihab program through Medibank Heart Health at Home service improved Neil's compliance to prescribed exercise after his heart valve replacement and bypass operation.

"Not only filling it in encouraged me to do the exercise, and do the check in. I might not have done it [the exercise] otherwise, I would have got a bit lazy."

The 84 year old accessed the program on his iPad to help track his blood pressure, medications and other risk factors as well as having a weekly phone call with a cardiac nurse to discuss his progress and any concerns.

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Neil and Barbara Buckland enjoy daily walks as part of Mr Buckland's recovery. They are pictured at Wentworth Falls lake.