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For people who have recently experienced a serious cardiac event, completing a quality cardiac rehabilitation program under the supervision of a clinician is an important step to help you recover and reduce the chances of another event.

Unlike traditional clinic-based cardiac rehabilitation, Cardihab delivers the program using a smartphone app and so is accessible anywhere, anytime while still under the supervision of a clinician.  The program isn’t constrained by running as a group in clinic so is ready to begin when you are. Cardihab is clinically validated and has been shown to be as (or more) effective than traditional cardiac rehabilitation.


The importance of cardiac rehabilitation

Participation in cardiac rehabilitation has been demonstrated to improve quality of life. It lowers anxiety and stress and can help with things like weight management and medication adherence.

What’s more, cardiac rehabilitation has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of subsequent cardiac events and future hospitalisations. That’s some of the reasons why it is important to enrol in a quality cardiac rehabilitation program as soon as possible after you are hospitalised for cardiac care.

Traditional cardiac rehabilitation

Traditional cardiac rehabilitation involves attending a clinic 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks as part of a group. You will attend education sessions on topics such as weight control, quitting smoking and medication adherence. You will also attend regular exercise classes to encourage you back into an active lifestyle.

Traditional cardiac rehabilitation has been shown to be very effective, however the structure, travel time and scheduling can result in many patients being unable to participate as it is not possible to fit the program into their daily lives. This is particularly true for shift workers, people who have had to take lengthy periods of sick leave from work or people who live in rural and remote areas.


Digital cardiac rehabilitation

Cardihab uses a smartphone app to deliver program content to you over your smart phone or tablet.  You use the app to complete your personalised assigned rehabilitation program tasks from home, work or another convenient location, and discuss your progress each week with your clinician. You can view educational videos and read articles to help you better understand your condition and how to manage it, as well as see the goals set by your care team. There are also motivational notifications to keep you on track.

In addition, you can also use the app to capture information like daily steps from your device healthkit, when you take your medication and if you experience any symptoms. This information all syncs back to your clinical team’s system which will help them monitor your progress. Your care team will also continue to support and motivate you through regular phone contact.

A scientifically validated, quality solution

Cardihab is the only digital cardiac rehabilitation app scientifically validated through a world-first randomised controlled trial – the gold standard of clinical evidence. This trial demonstrated significantly higher rates of:

  • Uptake (80% vs 62%)
  • Adherence (94% vs 68%) and
  • Completion (80% vs 47%) vs traditional cardiac rehabilitation.

The home-based cardiac rehabilitation program was as effective in improving physiological and psychological health outcomes as traditional CR. Cardihab also achieved significant improvements in emotional state and quality of life.

Cardihab was originally developed by the CSIRO and since 2016 has undergone further development by the Cardihab team. Educational materials have been developed by expert cardiologists and cardiac clinicians, and incorporate up to date advice from the Heart Foundation and Australian Cardia Rehabilitation Association guidelines.

Cardihab meets stringent data privacy protection requirements and securely hosts all data in Australia.


Dr John Rivers introduces Cardihab

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