Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cardihab?

A digital health company that exists to help patients reach optimal health when at risk of, or living with, heart disease - globally.

The software technology originated from within the CSIRO and since 2016 has undergone further development by the Cardihab team.

What is Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation (DCR) is the term we use to describe the delivery of cardiac rehabilitation using digital technologies. Our scientifically validated DCR solution uses smartphone apps and secure web portals to give clinicians the ability to deliver more convenient, flexible and engaging cardiac rehabilitation services to patients. See the Solution page for more information.

What is the scientific evidence behind Cardihab's products?

Our DCR solution implements a model of care that was scientifically validated in a world first randomised controlled trial (RCT). Randomised controlled trials are considered the"gold standard" level of evidence. In addition, our customers continue to achieve outcomes similar to the RCT in non-research settings, which speaks to translation into real world clinical practice, and health economic analysis indicates a positive cost-benefit ratio. Please contact us for a detailed discussion of efficacy, translation into clinical practice and health economics.

Is a home-based program as good as doing the program at the rehabilitation centre?

Yes. The "gold standard" randomised controlled trial research validating Cardihab's model of care demonstrated clinical outcomes that matched or exceeded the equivalent centre-based program. Outcomes similar to those observed in the RCT are observed in "business as usual" clinical (i.e. non-research) settings.

How is my data kept private and secure?

Please visit the security page for more information.

What about data ownership and access?

Cardihab's customers are health care provider organisations (usually hospital or health services). Those customers own all their data, which includes data entered by their clinical staff and patients. Cardihab acts as a custodian of that data, providing integrations to the customer's systems and meeting their policy requirements. Patients seeking access to personal health information entered into Cardihab's apps as part of a cardiac rehabilitation program should contact their cardiac rehabilitation clinician in the first instance.

What type of phone do I need to use the app?

Cardihab's apps run on Apple iPhones and Android-based smartphones produced by leading companies like LG, Samsung, HTC and Motorola. The easiest way to discover if our apps will run on your phone is to try installing the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Cardihab's apps are regularly updated to support the smartphone operating system versions officially supported by Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). We strongly recommend smartphone users follow the recommendations from Apple and Google and automatically install updates to their operating systems and apps.

Apple iPhones:
The app works best on Apple iPhone 8 and later running iOS 13 or later.

Android-based smartphones:
The app works best on smartphones running Android 9 or later.

Use with incompatible phones or tablets
While the app may run on incompatible phones (i.e. hardware/software combinations other than those listed above), some features may not be available. For example: 1) the app will run on iPhone 5 and earlier, but will not automatically count steps as the accelerometer hardware required to do is not included in iPhone 5; 2) the app will run on smartphones that do not have Bluetooth Low Energy v4.0, but will not be able to wirelessly acquire data from some sources.

Manual entry of step count, blood pressure and weight data is always available for those patients using incompatible phones. All other app features (e.g. education content, data entry for health measures, symptoms and exercise, review of goals set with the clinician) are also available on incompatible phones.

How much data do the apps use?

Less than 200Mb over a 6 week cardiac rehabilitation program. That's less than 20 minutes of high definition video streamed using apps like YouTube, Facebook or iView (you can do the math too after reading this Reddit post). Our estimate of <200Mb assumes the app is downloaded once and used normally.

What are the minimum system requirements for clinicians?

Clinicians deliver rehabilitation programs using a web portal that is accessed using a web browser.

Web Browsers

We support the most recent versions of the following web browsers:

Always install updates from your browser for the best possible user experience and security features.

Note: We do not support Microsoft Internet Explorer. The reasoning behind our decision can be found here.

Other Browser Settings

  • Enable cookies
    • Cookies must be enabled in your browser.
  • Enable pop-ups and JavaScript
    • Pop-ups and JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.
  • Set your screen resolution
    • The minimum screen resolution should be set to 1366 × 768.
  • Check your web browser add-ons
    • Browser add-ons, extensions, ad blockers, or plugins may interfere with the functionality of our application.

Tablet Devices

The portal is designed to be responsive on tablet devices, which means it will resize and adjust to your screen when you work on a tablets.

The answer to my question isn't here!

Sorry about that. Contact us with your question and we'll be in touch as quickly as we can.

How can I provide feedback?

Use the form on the contact page. We will appreciate your considered feedback, criticism or even praise.