The science behind Cardihab

Cardihab's Remote Cardiac Rehabilitation solution provides clinicians with the ability to remotely deliver a scientifically validated, comprehensive Phase II cardiac rehabilitation program that is based on Australian guidelines. This model of care we implement was scientifically validated in a world first, randomised controlled trial (RCT) by researchers from CSIRO and The Prince Charles Hospital via the Australian E-Health Research Centre.

Study: New clinical study finds that offering digital health platform Cardihab increases participation in cardiac rehabilitation. 

A clinical study of patients with cardiovascular disease by Queensland Cardiovascular Group has found that offering a digital health platform, Cardihab, substantially improved participation rates in cardiac rehabilitation and contributed to reduction of hospital readmission.

The findings were published in cardiovascular medicine journal JMIR Cardio  on 17.1.2022 and revealed that participation in cardiac rehabilitation improved from 21% to 63% when app-based cardiac rehabilitation (SmartCR) was offered as an alternative in addition to a conventional in-person program.

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Supporting Publications:


Study: First randomised, controlled trial of smartphone-delivered cardiac rehabilitation improved cardiac rehabilitation uptake, adherence and completion

The RCT demonstrated that the model of care underpinning our product improves patient uptake (+29%), adherence (+38%) and completion (+70%), while significantly reducing the number of centre visits (-86%) and delivering equivalent clinical outcomes when compared to centre-based care. Importantly, both patients and clinicians report positive experiences of remote delivery in research and subsequent "business as usual" settings.

The research provides the evidence base for Cardihab's product and was published in the prestigious journal Heart. The paper was also acknowledged by Heart and Nature Reviews Cardiology as a world-first randomised controlled trial of smartphone-based cardiac rehabilitation. These papers, along with follow up academic work conducted by CSIRO and other research partners are listed below.

Supporting Publications