Reinventing Cardiac Rehabilitation Delivery

Cardihab's Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation (DCR) solution gives clinicians the ability to deliver more convenient and flexible cardiac rehabilitation services to patients. Our solution provides patient smartphone apps and a clinician portal that complements traditional, face-to-face delivery while also supporting a new, scientifically validated remote delivery model.


Cardihab’s apps make it easy for patients to record data relevant to their program, such as health measures (step count, blood pressure, smoking use, sleep, stress levels, and other items configured on the portal by the clinician), exercise sessions and symptoms. Patients can also review the goals they and their clinician set, watch/read education materials and review educational and motivational in-app notifications sent regularly throughout their program.

Data acquisition is a mix of manual and automated data entry from on-phone sensors (e.g. step count) and integrated devices. For example, our Apple iPhone and Android smartphone apps can use Bluetooth to wirelessly acquire data from A&D’s UA-651BLE Blood Pressure Monitor & UC-352BLE Personal Scale.

Figure 1: iPhone app screen captures


The Cardihab™ DCR portal supports three models of care which help clinicians deliver more flexible, convenient, and engaging cardiac rehabilitation, manage patients during their rehabilitation journey, and better understand how the cardiac rehabilitation service is performing.

Figure 2: DCR portal dashboard screen capture (pixelated)

Models of Care

The DCR solution was developed to support alternative delivery models that increase patient access to convenient and flexible CR services. Our customers have found our solution can enhance traditional cardiac rehabilitation (TCR) services by supporting three delivery models:



Traditional Cardiac Rehabilitation (TCR) Companion Patients attend a traditional cardiac rehabilitation (TCR) program and use the app to record progress through their program, monitor symptoms, view educational materials and receive motivational messages. The data entered by the patient is available for clinicians for reporting, but all contact with the patient is face-to-face during gym/clinic sessions.
Remote Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients complete their rehab entirely remotely - attending only for initial and follow-up assessments. The counselling that is at the heart of a cardiac rehab program is delivered by a clinician during telephone calls supported by the clinical portal.
Hybrid Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients attend TCR as planned, but are offered the flexibility to switch from TCR to Remote CR should they not be able to attend some TCR sessions.


Cardihab's Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation model of care is a scientifically validated, comprehensive Phase II cardiac rehabilitation program that is based on Australian guidelines. This model of care was scientifically validated in a world first randomised controlled trial (RCT) by researchers from the CSIRO and Queensland’s Prince Charles Hospital. The research team demonstrated that the Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation model of care improves patient uptake (+29%), adherence (+38%) and completion (+70%), while significantly reducing the number of centre visits (-86%) and delivering equivalent clinical outcomes when compared to TCR. Importantly, both patients and clinicians report positive experiences of remote delivery in research and subsequent "business as usual" settings.

The RCT provides the evidence base for Cardihab's product and was published in the prestigious journal Heart. The paper was also acknowledged by Heart and Nature Reviews Cardiology as a world-first RCT of smartphone-based cardiac rehabilitation. These papers are available by following the below links:


Cardihab™ is acutely aware of the challenges that come with introducing change to clinical practice. We therefore support customers in their transition to digital cardiac rehabilitation by framing the transition as a clinical redesign project, providing hands-on training and responsive support to clinicians, and supplying materials (e.g. posters & flyers) to promote the new capability to patients and referrers.

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